The Team!


America Maldonado



Graduated in film production in Venezuela, where she directed several short films and a documentary entitled "Cosmic Race".  She won the "Best Documentary Award" at the XIII Vebron Festival in France. At the end of 1998 America arrived in New York City, where she studied documentary film at the New School. America has worked with several important networks like MTV, HBO, TRAVEL CHANNEL, ANIMAL PLANET and DISCOVERY CHANNEL.
Recognized for her most recent work as Director and Producer, America is being Nominated  2 times for The New York EMMY’s Awards in 2017 and 2018 for the documentary series "On The Grid" with Zephyr Teachout and Havana Come to Brooklyn for BRIC TV. America is always looking for new projects and experiences that will give purpose to her passion for film making. Her enthusiasm for telling a story through images has been met with critical acclaim and recognition by her peers in the industry. Her next project is the amazing influence of immigrant baseball players. The future holds great promise for film maker America Maldonado whose vision transforms our thinking about the landscape of our society.

Henry Herrera


Henry Herrera is a screenwriter and film writer with national and international feature film script awards. He is also a director and publicist with a vast experience in Narrative films, Soap Opera, documentary and TV Series. As a publicist he develops communication strategies and advertising campaigns. Among the awards received are:
A Dot and a Line (2004)
First prize for the best screenplay: Awarded by FUNDAVISUAL LATINA (1997); Special Award Script for Havana Film Festival. Prize for the best script of the year 2005 Festival of CInema in Mérida. Best Screenplay by (2005). Best Screenplay Tatu Tumpa festival. Santa Cruz Bolivia 2005.
Little Thieves, Big Thieves (1998)
Second prize for the second best screenplay: , awarded by FUNDAVISUAL LATINA (1996). Best Screenplay Award (ANAC, 1999) . Award Latin American Film Festival for the Best Screenplay.  Award best script between years 1998-2005.  Festival of Huelva Award, Spain,.
Other Awards:
Municipal Prize Roman Chalbaud to best script and direction for the TV series :"Libertarian Insurrection April 19: 1810-2010".